Intense Firecandy- 6,000,000 SHU - Raw flavour

Intense Firecandy- 6,000,000 SHU - Raw flavour

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This is a true monster - Made with crazy 6,000,000 chilli extract - this baby was created to burn.

This was our first attempt at the worlds hottest sweet and we nailed it. - - Know of any confectionery hotter? let us know.

It is HOT!  and its unbearable heat is a true dare - in fact we only know a small amount of people that have finished the intense heat

Fun Fact: The famous Tabasco Sauce that is loved World Wide is roughly mere 4,000 SHU – that means the extract that makes this sweet is1500 times hotter!… YES 1500 TIMES HOTTER THAN TABASCO SAUCE

Need a bit of flavour to dull the pain?

Try our new 6 Million SHU Raspberry Version, same strength but with a raspberry flavour